Publisher: Elizabeth Hurd

OKC Improv a Must!!

Elizabeth Hurd  Published: Mon, Apr 11, 2011

OKC Improv twists the audience into apoplectic seizures once again with their line-ups. “The Ones Your Mother Warned You About” are, as always, outstanding as they seize a zany idea delivered by some hapless member of the audience and create improvisational humor around the idea with brilliant one-liners made up on the spot. Cristela Carrizales, Buck Vrazel, Clint Vrazel and Raychel Winstead deliver a series of six different ‘couple’ dialogues that reveal a complete understanding of common misunderstandings. Humor is very revealing, reminding us of the universality of miscommunication, and misdirection. That is, if we can stop laughing long enough to catch our breath!

“Red Letters” is a performing couple consisting of Bryan Buckley and Alyssa Buckley. This hysterical twosome carries the concept just a little further. A dynamic duo based on comedy and married can really explore and exploit each other’s quirks and foibles. The result is fantastic. Alyssa Buckley has extremely subtle and devastating expressions while Bryan Buckley seems surprisingly sensitive in a rather insensitive manner. The couple have been performing together since 1995 and have recently moved to Tahlequah. Close enough to grace the OKC Improv group often!

“Fortune’s Fools” is an interesting concept. A cooperative effort between Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park and OKC Improv, the group works very much like a Shakespearean troupe maintaining the style, cadence and language if the Elizabethan era. How much of classic Shakespeare was inspired by Elizabethan actors horsing around? Possibly a lot. Curt Coy, Shane McClure, Christopher Curtis, Sue Ellen Reiman, and Buck and Clint Vrazel manage to maintain the cadence of the language throughout the performance. Occasionally, the structure falters, as a suggestion from the audience (set at K-Mart!?!) forces the improvisation in improbable directions. The audience suggestions create a dynamic that is hysterical and this is much of the charm inherent in improvisation. Some enchanted evening an audience will stick to suggesting appropriate locations and situations that will be even more hysterical to lovers of Shakespeare.

OKC Improv also showcases the fantastic improvisers in “C4: A Red Dirt Special”, “Short Order Crooks”, and “Villain: The Musical”. Other acts to look forward to in the upcoming schedule are “Two’s Company”, “Alternate History” and “Twinprov: Rap-sody” at 8pm April 9 and “The Laughing Stocks”, “The Adventures of Puddles & Fartbox” with “Stretchin’ It” at 10pm April 9. April 16 features “The Laughing Stocks”, “Fortune’s Fools” – back again! and “Villain: The Musical” for the 8pm show and at 10pm, Brad Porter followed by “Sketchers in the Wry” and the fabulous “MiDolls”. The following week OKC Improv will appear on Friday rather than the usual Saturday and feature “Spotlight Improv Students”, “Everybody and Their Dog” and “Red Letters” (yeah!) for the 8pm show and at 10pm Magician William Rader opens followed by “Counterpoint: A Red Dirt Special” and “Twinprov: Rap-sody”. On Sunday, May 1, OKC Improv will appear on the Café Stage at 3pm for a special performance at the Festival of the Arts.

OKC Improv brings together some great talent offering an evening of exciting and sometimes racy comedy giving Oklahoma City the relief and joy of deep belly laughter. Performances take place at the Ghostlight Theatre Club at 3110 N. Walker in the Paseo District of Oklahoma City. And as announced elsewhere. For additional information visit or call 405.343.1570.