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Fun is Always Found in a Noel Coward Farce, and 3rd Act’s “Hay Fever” Delivers!

Noel Coward is one of the wittiest playwrights gracing the 20th century his delightful English drawing room farces never fail to amuse and “Hay Fever” presented in 1924 is no exception.  The play is nearly a century year old and while it is a bit dated in some respects the pure comedy of the play is universally timeless.  “Hay Fever” has no discernible plot, but it is notable that many people, especially nowadays have virtually no plot to their lives and this makes the play absolutely relevant to the modern audience.

Don Taylor directs a cast of… Continue reading

Carpenter Square Dazzles Audience With “Me & Jezebel”

Stevie Michelle Aycock as Elizabeth Fuller and Crystal Barby as Miss Bette Davis

Carpenter Square is presenting “Me & Jezebel” directed by Linda McDonald through December 16, 2017.  This comedy is a delightful true story about a great adventure Elizabeth Fuller shared with her family and Bette Davis during the hotel strike that cast Miss Davis adrift.  Fuller was friendly with a friend of Miss Davis and was thrilled to have her bring Bette Davis to dinner.  The next day Miss Davis called and asked to impose for ‘a night or two’ and the adventure begins. … Continue reading

Fascination and drama in ‘The Résistance Between Us’

“The Résistance Between Us” is the first book in a planned trilogy by Oklahoma author Phyllis Kimmel Libby.  The trilogy’s name is “Ingrid’s Wars.”

Libby’s book is a tale of woe and wonder, darkness and daintiness, resistance and redemption, hope and horror.  The backdrop is occupied France during the second World War.  Written in first-person, “The Résistance Between Us” is rife with individual drama and insights.

Protagonist Ingrid Fellner, 41, was born in the year 1900. She is a recent widow caring for her daughter Marta, who was disabled in the skiing accident that killed Ingrid’s husband,… Continue reading