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The Pollard Theatre is Proud to Host Uncle Zep on September 16!

Hoppy Niles of Uncle Zep at his best! Photo courtesy of Wes Sharp

There is a distinct moment in time that we all remember from our youth.  That moment is often associated with music and that music is frequently Led Zeppelin or perhaps led by Led Zeppelin.  They spoke to a younger generation then, and now they speak to that generation grown older and wiser.  But the music is still paramount.  Uncle Zep keeps Led Zeppelin alive in Oklahoma City.  As a band, Uncle Zep came about during an evening when an exciting band who… Continue reading

When Organized Religion Becomes Over Grown at Jewel Box Theatre with “The Christians”

Kevin Wellfare as Pastor Paul. Photo courtesy of Derek Kenney

Although many people consider themselves somewhat religious following a basic belief system, such as Christianity, there is a feeling among many that organized religion has failed us.  There is also a concern that perhaps we have failed organized religion.  Nevertheless, it is a true and solid fact that in Church, like any other organization or entity, there are good people and bad people everywhere.  There is also the shocking realization that good people can do bad things.  What can be very disconcerting is that there is… Continue reading

“Shakespeare in Love” at Shakespeare in the Park is Lovely

Joshua Murray as Will Shakespeare and Abigail Schmitz as Viola de Lesseps in “Shakespeare in Love” at Shakespeare in the Park. Photo courtesy of Alan Chapman

Oklahoma summers can be pretty brutal and lately it has been dangerously hot, yet when the sun goes down the night can be delightfully pleasant, with a warm breeze that cools, the soft noises of summer creatures and the heady scents of evenings in the garden under the moonlight.  Add to that a wonderful story that brings the night home as if that story is your own and Oklahoma nights become wonderful beyond… Continue reading

Suspense and Terror Abound in “Misery” Showing at 3rd Act Theatre

Paige Alyce Cain as Annie Wilkes. Photo courtesy of April Porterfield

“Misery” is one of Stephen King’s most frightening stories, at least for other authors.  The 1987 novel was made into a very successful film in 1990 starring Kathy Bates and James Caan.  The story centers around a devoted fan of famous author Paul Sheldon.  Sheldon has written an entire series about a character named Misery Chastain.  Our heroine, Annie Wilkes, a resident of a small Colorado town has devoured this series of books avidly.  Interestingly, the author often visits the area, as he finds… Continue reading

“Ain’t Misbehavin’” Ain’t Quite the Thrill It Could Be

Will Mann in a moment of reflection in song in “Ain’t Misbehavin'” Photo courtesy of K. Talley Photography

“Ain’t Misbehavin’” is a musical review rather than musical theatre.  It tells the fun story of a group of Fats Waller fans who may or may not be much like Fats Waller himself.  The story line is minimal, and much of it can be supplied by the audience members to suit their own preferences and fantasies.  However, there is a necessity to establish a foundation so that any personal fantasies creating a story line for audience members will reach… Continue reading

Carpenter Square is Hysterically Back With “Picasso at the Lapin Agile”

Carpenter Square is back, with a great show by a great playwright, Steve Martin!  We have always known Martin as one of the funniest fellows in entertainment, and clearly his talents in comedy are literary as well as performance and more.  The show is “Picasso at the Lapin Agile”  and takes place at a bar called the Lapin Agile, translated as nimble rabbit.  Picasso is a frequent patron and on this evening in 1904 he meets Albert Einstein at this favored haunt and the two men discover that they have quite a lot in common. … Continue reading

Lyric Theatre Brings Song, Dance and Nostalgia to Oklahoma City with “The Prom”

Jerry Jay Cranford as Barry Glickman and Lindsie Guthrie as Dee Dee Allen in “The Prom. Photo courtesy of K. Talley Photography

Lyric Theatre is presenting an Oklahoma premiere of “The Prom” a 2018 Broadway hit with book and lyrics by Chad Beguelin, Book by Bob Martin and Music by Matthew Sklar.  The production is based on an original concept by Jack Viertel.  Artistic Director Michael Baron directs and Amy Reynolds Reed does the choreography on this very vibrant musical that is very strong on athletic, intricate and exciting dance moves.  Music Director David Andrews Rogers makes… Continue reading

“Much Ado About Drinking” a Hilarious Adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”

Kate Adams as Beatrice and Kenneth Chambers as Benedick in “Much Ado About Drinking” by 3rd Act. Photo courtesy of Dakota Bryant, 3rd Act Theatre

3rd Act Theatre has a fun, hysterically funny, and excellent fundraising evening for patrons.  In selected venues they have improvisational shows based on a classic.  Currently performing “Much Ado About Drinking’ the shows are based on a classic.  Obviously ‘Much Ado About Drinking”’ is from “Much Ado About Nothing” a Shakespearean classic.  The actors take various roles but instead of performing with typical Shakespearean delivery, audience members are given the… Continue reading

“Red, White and Tuna” Full of Fun and Foibles for the Fourth of July from Jewel Box Theatre

Taylor Reich as the long-suffering Berth Bumiller. Photo courtesy of Jewel Box Theatre

Jewel Box Theatre is presenting another Tuna delight…no, not a picnic! But the third in the series of comedies that are set in the fictional small town of Tuna, Texas.  This one is called “Red, White and Tuna” and takes place during the annual Independence Day celebration.  The plays first debuting with “Greater Tuna” in 1981 and “Red, White and Tuna” came out in 1998.  The plays are usually done with just two gentlemen in all the roles consisting of about 20 characters in… Continue reading

Lyric Theatre Presents Superior Performance with “The Sound of Music”

Anette Barrios-Torres as Maria Rainer praying in the Abbey before being sent to become the Von Trapp Governess. Photo courtesy of K. Talley Photography

“The Sound of Music” always creates the view of Julie Andrews in her breakout movie role and the association has always been indelible.  While the notability of her movie performance will never fade there is now a brand-new vibrant association.  Live performance is always more emotionally evocative, but the skill, vocals and talent must be equal or better to replace such an icon in the mind of an audience member.  Anette Barrios-Torres does… Continue reading

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