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3rd Act Theatre Unravels the Origin of Medusa’s Mysterious Mythology in Bella Poynton’s “Medusa Undone”

……………………………………………………………………………………….by Scott Myers

Photo courtesy J. Christine Lanning, 3rd Act Theatre

I was excited to get out of lockdown for an evening of live local theatre and chose Medusa Undone. This is basically the backstory of how the mythical creature got her famous head full of snakes and the power to turn gawkers into stone. This difficult production was ably presented by the 3rd Act Theatre Company located in a renovated storefront at the  North Park Mall,in OKC.  This is the final production in their Noire series of shows that are definitely not of the usual community theater… Continue reading

“Ada and the Engine” a Wonderful and Worthy Show at Carpenter Square

Taylor Reich as Lord Lovelace, and Kaylan Ferrell Lady Lovelace (Ada) disagree as Laurie Blankenship portraying Lady Byron, Ada’s mother looks on. Photo courtesy of Carpenter Square.

Lauren Gunderson is certainly one of the most interesting modern playwrights around.  Gunderson makes math romantic in “Ada and the Engine” currently showing at Carpenter Square Theatre.  Tom Cowley directs an impressive cast of four in this fascinating show.  The central character is Lady Augusta Ada Byron Lovelace.  She is a brilliant mathematician and makes her mark on the world during the early days of the Industrial Revolution in… Continue reading

“Pressure Makes Diamonds” Showcases the Brilliantly Polished Denise Lee


Denise Lee in “Pressure Makes Diamonds at Lyric Theatre. Photo courtesy of K. Talley Photography

Sixty years ago today Denise Lee came into the world.  No fool, she just came close enough to April Fools Day to have a great deal of humor alongside a great vocal talent.  She started out in 1961, a diamond in the rough, but at the 60th anniversary of her birth, she shines brilliantly.  It is the pressure that creates the diamonds whether hidden deep in the ground or visibly glowing for all the world to see. Lee examines her… Continue reading

Jewel Box Theatre Starts a Successful New Season of Live Theatre with “Yellow”

The Westmoreland Family, From left, seated Morgan Brown as Bobby Westmoreland, perched behind is Crystal Barby as Kate Westmoreland. Standing is Taylor Lowell as Dayne Westmoreland and seated with a sulk is Elaina Price as Gracie Westmoreland.

Slowly but surely things are starting to return to some semblance of normal.  It’s a new and different normal, but traces of lives pre-pandemic are beginning to appear.  That is true of theatre.  Jewel Box Theatre has a long history presenting quality productions in Oklahoma City at 36th and Walker Avenue.  After the First Christian Church had to… Continue reading

3rd Act Theatre Company Delights with “Setting the Nation Right” and other “Easy Plays for Women”

Seated from left, Caitlin Cairns, Lauren Peña and Denise Hughes. Standing from left, Anna Holloway, Cara Chesney, Sarah Nilson, Meredith Harrison and Lana Henson in “Setting the Nation Right” and other “Easy Plays for Women” at 3rd Act Theatre. Photo courtesy of J. Christine Lanning

Bell Elliot Palmer was a well-known playwright of her day which is, amazingly, about a century ago.  Her short one-act “Setting the Nation Right” was published in 1924 and the collection of short plays in “Easy Plays for Women” was published in 1933.   Palmer’s extensive career spanned a period of over 40… Continue reading

Hilarity from Carpenter Square with “A Comedy of Tenors”

Ed Spinelli as Tito Merelli and J. Christine Lanning as Maria Merelli in “A Comedy of Tenors” at Carpenter Square. Photo courtesy of Rhonda Clark, Artistic Director

Carpenter Square Theatre has a hit with “A Comedy of Tenors” by Ken Ludwig opening February 26 and running through March 20, 2021.  Many are familiar with “Lend Me A Tenor” Ken Ludwig’s award-winning play from 1986 and will appreciate revisiting these hysterical characters.  Rhonda Clark directs “A Comedy of Tenors” with an excellent cast and she develops a significant rapport with her actors.  This of course allows for chemistry… Continue reading

3rd Act Theatre Presents a Fascinating “Oxtiern or The Misfortunes of Libertinage”

Taylor Reich as Fabrice and Brian Mueller as Casimir discuss Oxtiern’s plot in “Oxtiern” at 3rd Act. Photo courtesy of Dakota Lee Bryant

The 3rd Act Theatre Company is presenting “Oxtiern or The Misfortunes of Libertinage” by the infamous Marquis de Sade February 5 through 21.  Dakota Lee Bryant directs a cast of eight in this period piece done in modern costuming.  The choice to set the play is the present is interesting, especially as while the time is over 200 years in the past, the problems are still quite current, it is only perspective that has… Continue reading

“A Territorial Christmas Carol” Live-Streamed from The Pollard Actors with Nostalgic Tenderness

James A Hughes as Scrooge.


“A Territorial Christmas Carol” has long been a wonderful tradition for Oklahoma audiences and this show can only be found in one place:  The Pollard Theatre in Guthrie, Oklahoma.  Many theatres have come up with adaptations of Dicken’s classic “A Christmas Carol” but the Pollard version is unique.  Author Stephen Scott’s adaptation moves Dicken’s original location from the economically depressed London, to the struggling but developing Oklahoma Territory not very long after the land run of 1889.  The play opens with the Moody Family preparing for a sparse Christmas in… Continue reading

Fun with Politics in “Running Mates” at 3rd Act

Yoga Class at the Storm home. From left to right: Mercedez Ferguson as Ted Wink, Leigh Miller as Sofia Storm and Allyson Rose as Liddie Valentine. Photo courtesy of Amandanell Bold, 3rd Act Theatre

In the throes of this world-wide pandemic it is hard to find a moment that seems normal.  The 3rd Act Theatre Company of Oklahoma has brought those rare ‘normal’ moments to us with their productions.  The audience still wears masks and seating is limited due to social distancing.  But the show allows us to escape for a few brief hours.  The… Continue reading

Update to Lyric’s “A Christmas Carol” with the Ivy Cast and the Holly Cast

Ivy cast member Jonathan Beck Reed as Ebenezer Scrooge. Lyric’s “A Christmas Carol” Photo courtesy of Jonathan Beck Reed

Lyric Theatre presents Dickens beloved classic, “A Christmas Carol’ for the tenth anniversary presentation with a twist.  Not the Oliver kind, but a Dickensian twist of venue! The play is at Harn Homestead in Oklahoma City: a location that enables the audience to view the play outdoors.  The scenes take place in the various locations found at the Harn Homestead which makes the audience move from locale to locale as the scenes change.  The show is surprisingly adaptable… Continue reading

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