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Bare Bones “Reader’s Theater” Engages the Imagination, Tells a Familiar Story

The Invisible Theater Company presents “A Christmas Carol” at Guthrie’s Scottish Rite Temple. A stripped down version, this timeless tale is presented in a unique way. Instead of costumes and sets, this Reader’s Theater version involves on-book actors sitting and reading their scripts aloud to the audience. Book lights replace spotlights, while voices reflect emotions. Ten actors portray the classic Dickens characters, with Elizabeth Hurd at the helm as narrator. Tim Heaton, directs as well as portraying Scrooge.

With such a well-known story, told year after year in every medium imaginable, it would seem impossible to tell this old, familiar… Continue reading

Judy Collins AND “Greater Tuna” !!! Thanks CityRep!!!

Jonathan Beck Reed (in pink)
Donald Jordan (in baby blue)
Photo courtesy of MUTZ Photography

Bah! Humbug!  Christmas shopping is for the birds! But I have to please the family with exactly the right present, and I have to figure out something for them to get for me.  I don’t want anything, except maybe a new pair of shoes. I have always appreciated the Christmas message. It is an important one, spiritually, and I am glad to see that it is now a secular holiday as well. The spirit of giving is so important to all religions. … Continue reading

Judy Collins brings “A Love Letter to Stephen Sondheim” to OKC

Photo courtesy of Brad Trent

Christmas is upon us!  As usual, the eight-ball is directly facing down this household.  As usual, I’m behind it. There are stockings left to hang, hot chocolate needing marshmallows, and a tree that’s barely trimmed. Of course, last week when everything was still under control, the flu came to visit and nobody did a thing.  Most of all, there is the pressure to find the perfect gifts! And me? What do I want for Christmas? I’d be happy with a new toothbrush right now!

…..Eureka!  I have it.  I know… Continue reading

“Noises Off” A Must See Production from Theatre Oklahoma City University

“Noises Off” set by Jason Foreman
Photo-Jillian Pritchard Ball

It’s hard to go wrong with Michael Frayn.  His success as an author is significant and is equaled by his prowess as a playwright.  One of the funniest plays of the 20th century is “Noises Off” written in 1982.  He was inspired in 1970 while watching one of his very funny farces from the wings.  Written for Lynn Redgrave “The Two of Us” was even funnier from backstage and he decided then that he must write a play ‘from behind’ and “Noises Off” was conceived. … Continue reading

The Venerated “A Territorial Christmas Carol” Enchants Audiences

From the left: Timothy Stewart (Dickens) and Michael James (William Moody) flank James Ong (Scrooge)

The Pollard Theatre in Guthrie, Oklahoma celebrates the Christmas season once again with “A Territorial Christmas Carol,” directed by the incomparable W. Jerome Stevenson.  The tradition is an important one for resident and visitor alike.  Childhood memories of seeing this marvelous show abound, and there are many fond remembrances of child cast members who grew up with the show, with Ebenezer Scrooge and Tiny Tim. 

In 1987, the theatre sought out noted author Stephen P. Scott looking for a Christmas presentation that… Continue reading

Lyric Honors Charles Dickens in a Fabulous Presentation of “A Christmas Carol”

“A Christmas Carol”…
Photo by KO Rinearson

Charles Dickens wrote “A Christmas Carol” in 1843 during a time of change and the resulting chaos resulting from that change.  The industrial revolution was altering almost every aspect of society as masses of rural residents moved into crowded cities to take advantage of the jobs provided.  The resources needed to accommodate these hardworking industrious individuals did not exist and the wages were appallingly low.  There were no labor laws to protect employees and employers took advantage of the lack in critically damaging ways exploiting women and children at… Continue reading

Carpenter Square Dazzles Audience With “Me & Jezebel”

Stevie Michelle Aycock as Elizabeth Fuller and Crystal Barby as Miss Bette Davis

Carpenter Square is presenting “Me & Jezebel” directed by Linda McDonald through December 16, 2017.  This comedy is a delightful true story about a great adventure Elizabeth Fuller shared with her family and Bette Davis during the hotel strike that cast Miss Davis adrift.  Fuller was friendly with a friend of Miss Davis and was thrilled to have her bring Bette Davis to dinner.  The next day Miss Davis called and asked to impose for ‘a night or two’ and the adventure begins. … Continue reading

Fresh Paint Performance Lab Introduces “Walk”

“Walk” by Ben Harrell

“Walk” is an interesting little show that is the latest project from Fresh Paint Performance Lab.  It is a musical featuring songs very reminiscent of Stephen Sondheim. Playwright Ben Harrell and director, Chelcy Harrell bring us an excellent example of the Fresh Paint program with “Walk” their latest development. “Walk” takes place in New York City amidst the thriving, busy active metropolis filled with harried individuals who are perpetually in a hurry and leery of strangers.  There are numerous short scenes taken from the lives of typical residents, teachers, construction workers, executives, students and… Continue reading

“A Territorial Christmas Carol” is Indeed A Traditional Treasure!!!

In the past thirty years folks living in this region of been enchanted by “A Territorial Christmas Carol” at the Pollard Theatre.  This show opens on the Friday after Thanksgiving and this year that will be November 24, 2017.  The show continues on through December 23, 2017 and it certainly is a nice way to create the true spirit of Christmas.  For nearly twenty of these memorable years the part of Ebenezer Scrooge is played by James Ong, a master in his craft.  This year will be Ong’s final year as Scrooge, and while 2018 may… Continue reading

Jewel Box Theatre Brings Glad Tidings and Cheer with “Plaid Tidings”

We’ve always loved our crooners, from barbershop quartets to the boy vocalists popular in the 1960’s such as The Four Tops, The Four Freshman and The Four Tops. “Plaid Tidings” is the sequel to “Forever Plaid” in which Stuart Ross tells the story of four young men wishing to emulate the popular Fours of the 50’s. They are called “The Plaids” and they are on their way to their first major ‘gig’ when they collide with a bus filled with Catholic school girls on their way to watch the Ed Sullivan show introducing The Beatles to America. No one in the bus is injured, but the four young men lose their lives. In Ross’s story they return to earth for one night to fulfill their destiny and perform the show they hoped would make them stars. Continue reading

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