Publisher: Elizabeth Hurd


“Beyond the Stratosphere” Insightful, Interesting and Illuminating

Ryan Echols Published: December 23th, 2016

“Beyond the Stratosphere” by La’Charles Purvey, directed by Callison Coburn and now playing at Oklahoma City Theatre Company, looks at five black men struggling to live with HIV/AIDS in 1992. It is a journey of suffering, confusion, frustration, and pain, but it all comes down to taking it one day at a time. Continue reading

Making Merry in the Refined World of Jane Austen’s England

Elizabeth Hurd Published: December 13th, 2016

“Jane Austen’s Christmas Cracker” is going to become a Christmas tradition in Oklahoma City. This is an interactive dramatic event for adults much like Creative Dramatics programs for children. The characters are the wonderful author of Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen. She is hosting a Christmas Ball along with her beloved sister, Cassandra. Continue reading

“A Tuna Christmas” Wild, Wacky and Wonderful

Elizabeth Hurd Published: December 6th, 2016

The first of the ‘Tuna’ story is found in “Greater Tuna” a brilliant comedy set in the fictional yet familiar town of Tuna, Texas. Jaston Williams, Joe Sears and Ed Howard are the three genius creators and since 1981 the Tuna plays have become a favorite for audiences all over the nation. Williams and Sears performed and Howard directed the Texas hits. Continue reading

A Nice Family Christmas – Carpenter Square Theatre

Ryan Echols Published: December 1st, 2016

The holiday season brings about a feeling of love and unity; a time to bring together relatives in joyful merriment and for the purpose of cheerful exchange – for some. “A Nice Family Christmas,” open now at Carpenter Square Theatre, is a look inside one Minneapolis family whose Christmas takes on a much more dysfunctional atmosphere. Continue reading

“A Territorial Christmas Carol” is A Traditional Treasure!!!

Elizabeth Hurd Published: December 1st, 2016

Once again the Pollard Theatre delivers with an amazing version of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. The adaptation by Stephen P. Scott makes this classic tale the ideal tradition. Set in the original capital of Oklahoma Territory; Guthrie, Dickens tells the poignant story of the Crachit family and Scrooge to the young settler, William Moody. Continue reading

Jewel Box Theatre’s “Leading Ladies” Fabulously Funny Farce

Elizabeth Hurd Published: November 17th, 2016

Shakespeare uses mistaken identity and imposters as a comic vehicle quite frequently. The device never fails to bring lots of laughs.  So what would a pair of down on their luck, Shakespearean actors do when they run out of funds and performance dates? Follow the lead of the bard of course! So that is what Ken Ludwig, noted playwright, does in “Leading  Ladies” now showing at the Jewel Box Theatre. “Leading Ladies” premiered in 2004 to rave reviews and Jewel Box audiences genuinely enjoy the farce.   Continue reading

“Killer Joe” – Tops in Low Life

Elizabeth Hurd Published: November 5th, 2016

Oklahoma City Theatre Company presents “Killer Joe” as the latest in their new ‘Barely Legal’ season. The season may be ‘live and daring’ but this show is live and depraved. Not for the faint of heart. Tracy Letts is a noted award winning playwright and actor. Continue reading

Reduxion Theatre convincingly Terrifies with “The Woman in Black”

Elizabeth Hurd Published: October 2oth, 2016

Susan Hill’s 1983 horror novella called ‘The Woman in Black’ inspired Stephen Mallatratt to write an equally frightening stage play of the same name. “The Woman in Black” is the second longest running play on London’s West End after “The Mousetrap” by Agatha Christie. And now Reduxion Theatre in Oklahoma City seeks to terrify Oklahomans with the suspenseful story. Continue reading