Publisher: Elizabeth Hurd

The Venetian Carnival Celebration of Painted Sky Opera Shines for Patrons

Barbara DeMaio, Executive Director of Painted Sky Opera performing at the 2020 Gala.  Photo courtesy of  James Michael Avance.

The gloom of this world is but a shadow and singers must lift their voices to the sky painting it with the sounds of glory.  Yes, this pandemic has brought loss and tragedy to us all and recovery is ponderous.  There are set backs and slip ups but through the tragedy there is the bright light of life and survival. And, in opera, tragedy can be the core that brings us together as one race, one people each on their own path but uniting in the expression of joy.  And celebrating this life and this future is the greatest honor we can give to those we have lost.  And with that we look forward to celebrating with Painted Sky Opera their gala on October 29, 2021 at the Skirvin Hotel.  The 2021 Painted Sky Gala Venetian Carnival is a black-tie event with music and dance sponsored by the Ad Astra Foundation. 

The gala is presented this year in honor of Dick Sias and Lance and Cindy Ruffel and consists of dinner, and after, dance to entertainment by Nicole Van Every and the Mike Geib Trio. The silent auction has many wonderful packages including themed vacations from AmFund.  These tickets are available now so visit to purchase tickets.  Mark the calendar for October 29, 2021 from 6 in the evening to 11 at night, a beautiful night to be as glamourous and beautiful and filled with fun as we all deserve to be as we move forward into a glorious future filled with song.  The location is the beautiful and historic Skirvin Hotel on the 2nd floor, a perfect setting for our return to elegance as we support the fabulous undertaking of Painted Sky Opera.

There is an upcoming season, and with all the changes, some dates for the season are still to be determined, but shows have been announced and will go on thanks to the efforts of our sponsors, friends, supporters and those wonderful folks attending the gala with us.  Because we love and respect patrons, performers and the public we ask those attending to bring either their COVID vaccination cards or test results 72 hours or less prior to the start of the gala.  And, of course, also remember to bring smiles on faces, dancing shoes, black tie for the gentlemen and for the first time in awhile a chance to show off the perfectly finished elegant dress for the lovely ladies to match their smiles and dancing eyes!

The upcoming events from Painted Sky Opera begin with A Painted Sky Holiday on Saturday, December 18 at 2:00 p.m. in the Hudiburg Chevrolet Center at Rose State College.  Featuring tenor J Warren Mitchell and soprano Nicole Van Every as well as the Painted Sky Opera orchestra and other fine vocalists in the fabulous Oklahoma City metropolitan area, the 90-minute event is a celebration of Christmas joy for the entire family.  Check as tickets will be available on line shortly.

June 9-12 2022 is Pagliacci, the tragic tale of a traveling show, an unfaithful wife and a murderous clown,  Leoncavalla’s incredible tale of jealousy and revenge is led by Joel Burcham as Canio. Do check the website when tickets go on sale but put it on the calendar now.

Artistic Director of Painted Sky Opera, Rob Glaubitz at the 2020 Gala. Photo courtesy of James Michael Avance.

Barbara DeMaio, Executive Director of Painted Sky Opera says “We made it through the pandemic, and we are thrilled to be returning to the Skirvin for our most important fundraiser of the year, the Venetian Carnival. We are hoping to see many of our patrons return to what we predict will be a wonderful night of good food, good opera, and dancing!”  DeMaio returned to Oklahoma to ‘sort of’ retire after an extremely successful career abroad lending her talented voice to many fantastic productions over the years on the world’s stage.  She teaches now and glories in every success of her students at UCO where she is Associate Professor of Voice.  Also, DeMaio has put her soul into founding and developing the Painted Sky Opera here in Oklahoma City.  Artistic Director, Rob Glaubitz joins her in these endeavors along with an extremely effective and talented staff and Board of Directors.

The thought and care that goes into each performance bringing out the intensely dedicated efforts of superbly talented casts and crews makes each production a delight for the opera lover and a delightful surprise for the un-initiated.   Be sure and check in to the Painted Sky Opera Website as their season solidifies and make plans for the Venetian Carnival and an evening to be remembered!