Publisher: Elizabeth Hurd

The Pollard Theatre is Proud to Host Uncle Zep on September 16!

Hoppy Niles of Uncle Zep at his best! Photo courtesy of Wes Sharp

There is a distinct moment in time that we all remember from our youth.  That moment is often associated with music and that music is frequently Led Zeppelin or perhaps led by Led Zeppelin.  They spoke to a younger generation then, and now they speak to that generation grown older and wiser.  But the music is still paramount.  Uncle Zep keeps Led Zeppelin alive in Oklahoma City.  As a band, Uncle Zep came about during an evening when an exciting band who played a lot of Led Zeppelin decided to perform nothing but this fabulous music for an entire show, and the response was electric.  That is because, while Uncle Zep speaks to one generation, they speak to and for all generations.  College kids of today are surprised to find a bunch of fellows from their grandfathers’ time playing exciting music and many of them discover Led Zeppelin for the first time. Ultimately the band changed the name from Hoppy Niles and The One Arm Bandit to Uncle Zep and the best tribute band of all time was born.

Edgar Cruz of Uncle Zep. Photo courtesy of Wes Sharp.

Band members are Hoppy Niles (who is the one armed bandit, Steven Walker and Stanley Walker, Rick George and Edgar Cruz.  The youngest band member (Cruz) is only 61 years old, but the youngest audience comes from the college town venues.  They sound like Zeppelin, and they look like themselves-which is exactly what Led Zeppelin looked like.  They have the energy of their grandchildren, the courage of their grandparents and the love of their audience.

A long time ago in Guthrie, Oklahoma, a young boy was helping in his dad’s butcher shop and as he shoved the meat into the grinder his little hand went in and came out again in so many pieces they had to amputate.  A few years later the British Invasion took place and everyone wanted to be a musician.  Some of them had lots of talent.  One with lots of talent is the little boy missing his hand.  He would never be able to learn the guitar.  He didn’t believe it and fortunately he found an instructor who didn’t believe it either.  That was Hoppy Niles and he had an exciting rock and roll career.  Winding back up in Oklahoma, he hooked up with old friends and musicians, Rick George who plays lead guitar, Stanley Walker on keyboards, his twin Steven Walker on drums, and Edgar Cruz who is not only an incredible guitarist, but his acoustic guitar talents are phenomenal.

They have been playing around OKC ever since.  And on September 16, 2023, they are back in Guthrie, Oklahoma at the historic Pollard Theatre.  Bringing new friends like Bob to Guthrie and old friends like Don in Guthrie together for one incredibly fantastic night of music.   Man made in heaven—oh yeah, we can still climb the stairs!  And we do Zeppelin!  Presented by Beam Entertainment, Uncle Zep is one of the most exciting musical evenings bringing together history, nostalgia, fun times and memories in a universality that only the music of Led Zeppelin can create through Uncle Zep.

Rick George of Uncle Zep. Photo courtesy of Wes Sharp.

In a delightful conversation with guitarist Rick George the observation was made that Uncle Zep, like Led Zeppelin, seems to have a stronger appeal to men than to women, although the women fans are very enthusiastic.  What it is about the gals in the audience who appreciate the music?  A further observation is that these are the women who find men infectious rather than toxic, gentlemanly rather than genderly, sexy and seductive rather than identified and unidentifiable and genuine rather than generational.

The Pollard Theatre is located at 120 E. Harrison in downtown Guthrie.  whether to come via Noble and the final Guthrie Exit or via Division and the John Vance Exit, is the biggest choice for the designated driver.  It’s 20 minutes from Edmond, just follow the kids!   And once we are together, we will blend together in harmony and health with complete inclusivity and no illusions.  For tickets and information contact the Pollard Theatre at via email at or call 405-282-2800.

Uncle Zep
Photo courtesy of Wes Sharp