Publisher: Elizabeth Hurd

The Pollard Theatre Extends Tradition with Newly Revamped “A Territorial Christmas Carol”

David Fletcher-Hall portrays Charles Dickens in the Pollard’s A Territorial Christmas Carol.

There are many changes, a magical new set designed by Jared Blount and Michael Long, and several new cast members as well as a few familiar faces.  pays homage to the previous incarnation of Scrooge by James Ong.  Timothy Stewart directs bringing fresh ideas to the story and paying homage to the traditions that have made “A Territorial Christmas Carol” a highlight at Christmas.

While the new faces bring excitement to the show, it is impossible not to think of faces never to be seen again, and, in imagining them it is clear they approve the new version.  “A Territorial Christmas Carol” has new life as well as  new blood. The Stephen P. Scott adaptation of Dicken’s classic sets the location in Oklahoma Territory far from Victorian London.  There are the three spirits and the ghost of Jacob Marley, but there is also the apparition of Charles Dickens, and this character has greater emphasis than ever before, making the show flow more gracefully. 

Ebenezer Scrooge is played by Richard Lemin making the character his own with vibrancy and grace. Charles Dickens is played by David Fletcher-Hall bringing a hint of London fog about his person as well as practicality. Jared Blount is timid as Bob Cratchit but outgoing as Ben Moody and very much an extrovert as Fezziwig.

The cast of 10 adults plays 22 characters, some of them are doubling up and a few  of them are tripling Cratchit and Mrs. Dilber, Larz Justice as Hamilton Moore, Solicitor and Pawnbroker as well as the 2nd Spirit, Keegan Zimmerman as John Kettle, Vet and Jacob Marley,  Elllie Valdez as the Widow Brown and the Maid, Tiffany Tuggle as Spirit 1, Caroline and Verity, Dakota Muckelrath as Nephew Fred, a Younger Scrooge and the Undertaker and Emily Frances Brown who is both Belle and Patience.

Additionally there are a quite a number of young folk portrayed by Cast A and Cast B.  Wiley Mosman of Cast A is excellent as Tiny Tim and the Baby Scrooge! It is certain that Ava Garrett of Cast B is equally impressive.  Included in the A Cast are Molly Mosman, Madeline Reid, Rianna Stottlemyre and Alexandra Reid, all providing good performances.  Cast B has Jaxcie Maker, Jules Reed, Jade Jackson and Jordyn Jackson.  Liam Rogers is the young Scrooge, the Turkey Boy and Ignorance in both casts and Zander Hornbuckle performs brilliantly as William/Peter in both casts.  All of the kids have given the show their best—a creatively talented group working alongside the adults gracefully

The set is an exciting design giving greater space to the different locales and the brainchild of Jared Blount and Michael Long.  Blount also designs sound and Long the lighting.  Costumes are from Michael Skeene.  Timothy Stewart directs with simplicity, a valuable ability for the intricacies of locales and personalities in the story. 

“A Territorial Christmas Carol” is presented by Jeff & Carol Hirzel and runs November 25 through December 23, 2022.  The Pollard Theatre is located at 120 W. Harrison Avenue in Guthrie, Oklahoma and tickets and information is available at or call (405) 282-2800.