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Publisher: Elizabeth Hurd

A New Spin on “Hamlet” at 3rd Act Theatre is Interesting and Entertaining

The Ghost of King Hamlet standing behind wife Gertrude played by Denise Hughes. Photo courtesy of April Porterfield

“The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” or, simply “Hamlet” is currently being presented by 3rd Act Theatre in Oklahoma City. Considered to be one of Shakespeare’s most important works, “Hamlet” is also the longest play in his considerable repertoire.  Dakota Lee Bryant directs expertly and the show breezes by without a hint of tediousness that can accompany the long productions.  This version is an adaptation by Bryant and has been re-imagined so, while it is shorter, the integrity… Continue reading

Children Shine in “Winnie the Pooh”

Callie Flatt as Tigger in “Winnie the Pooh” Photo courtesy of Jonathan Beck Reed

Dance Unlimited and Spotlight Academy collaborate on student productions.  This semester, “Winnie the Pooh” was presented by two different classes.  Spotlight Acting Academy, Broadway Babies presented “Winnie the Pooh” with a cast of children in the four-, five- and six-year age group, while the Razzle Dazzle class presented a more advanced version.

In addition to “Winnie the Pooh” there was a presentation of “Freaky Friday” by the Curtain Call Acting Class as well as the Totally Drama Acting Class and the Broadway Bound Class.… Continue reading

A Really Good Show at Pollard Theatre with “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”

Ellie Valdez as Lucy analyzes Tyler Clark as Charlie Brown in the great Peanuts show “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” Photo courtesy of Jared Blount

The last half of the 20th century was filled with iconic moments and the baby boomer generation ruled society.  Charles M. Schultz created the Peanuts Comic Strip in 1950 and everyone was hooked.  The adventures of Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Schroeder, Sally and Snoopy were an integral part of baby boomer identity development and these characters have reflected the childhood of every generation since.   In 1967 Clark Gesner and… Continue reading

“The Amen Corner” Heart-Wrenching and Heart-Warming Jewel Box Production

TerJuana Brooks as Sister Moore (seated left) Norma Goff as Odessa (center) and Antisha Cole as Sister Boxer (right) discussing Church affairs. Photo courtesy of Derek Kenney

Jewel Box Theatre presents a heart-warming drama, “The Amen Corner” May 5 through 22, 2022,  Directed by LàCharles Purvey, the show has a cast of 13 dedicated actors.  The play by James Baldwin premiered in 1954 and examines the profound impact religion has on the African-American family.  The play centers around a minister of God, Sister Margaret Alexander.  She is the pastor of a church located just above her… Continue reading

What’s Not to Like…Or Love In “As You Like It” from Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park

Sophia Boyer as Celiz (left) and Emily Pace as Rosalind in “As You Like It” at Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park. Photo courtesy of Kathryn McGill.

Oklahoma native Erin Sloan is directing “As You Like It” through May 14, 2022.  It is great to be back for regular seasons and say goodbye to the worst of the pandemic.  Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park begin the 2022 season with “As You Like It” a delightful comedy showcasing Shakespeare’s signature twist of characters in disguise creating confusion and social gaffes galore.  The play is not only a great example… Continue reading

Lyric Theatre Comes Back to the Plaza with “Head Over Heels” bringing Fun and Fantasy Back Inside!

– Vince Leseney as Basilius and Nick Hone as Dametas. Photo courtesy of Miki Galloway.

Vince Leseney has an expansive presence as well as voice and it takes a hearty crew to perform at that level.  Michael Baron assembled that hearty crew in Lyric’s “Head Over Heels” currently playing at the Plaza.  Yes, they are back indoors at Lyric’s home theatre in the Plaza district! 

“Head Over Heels” is an exuberant musical written by Jeff Whitty.  The show is based on ‘Arcadia’ by Sir Philip Sidney, but the music is all from rock and roll icons… Continue reading

“Sherlock Holmes” Proves to be a Great Escape!

Peter Fischaber as Sherlock Holmes (right) and David Fletcher-Hall as Professor Moriarty (left) discuss evil vs. good, as usual! Photo courtesy of April Porterfield.

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most loved as well as respected characters because of his wit as much as his brilliant intellect.  That wit comes from the breast of Dr. John Watson and from the brain of author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  The character is fascinating and timeless, and part of that fascination comes from new interpretations, new readers and their take on the genius detective.

Playwright Tim Kelly is one of the… Continue reading

Carpenter Square Live Shows Come Soon—Meantime GREAT Radio with “Sunset Boulevard”

Elin Bhaird Star of Carpenter Square’s “Sunset Boulevard”

The world has been through significant and multiple major upheavals with the pandemic and not surprisingly the after effects due to the shutdown have been just as devastating to many.  The light is shining brightly at the end of the tunnel and a return to normalcy is imminent although some things are different now. 

Soon Carpenter Square Theatre will be able to announce a return to live performance with Steve Martin’s “Picasso at the Lapin Agile” directed by Rhonda Clark.   The secondary pandemic delays on the new location… Continue reading

Lyric Theatre Presents a Powerful Premiere with “Distant Thunder”

From left, Chelsea Zeno, Shaun Taylor-Corbett, Aiden Łe:ldin Rogers (that is the correct spelling) and Jeff Barehand in DISTANT THUNDER. Photo courtesy of Miki Galloway

“Distant Thunder” is the name of a new musical that incorporates elements of typically romantic musical theatre chemistry in song along with a little pop and a little Native American traditional music.  The musical is a collaborative piece with Lynne Taylor-Corbett and Shaun Taylor-Corbett, a mother/son duo writing the book.  Lynne Taylor-Corbett also directs “Distant Thunder” while Shaun Taylor-Corbett partners with Chris Wiseman on the lyrics and music as well as starring as… Continue reading

Rumor Confirmed: Neil Simon’s “Rumors” is a Smash Hit!

Taylor Reich as Ken Gorman and Katie Kimberling as Chris Gorman in Rumors at Jewel Box Theatre.

Neil Simon is one of our most prolific as well as funny playwrights with numerous successful Broadway  productions.  One of them is “Rumors” written in 1988.  “Rumors” is a particularly popular play, as it has plenty of opportunity for actors to shine—farce is fun!  In the collaboration between author and performer it is absolutely paramount that actors have impeccably perfect timing.  Director Denise Hughes has assembled a cast that has that element of perfection in their performances. … Continue reading