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“Frankenstein” Produced at 3rd Act Reveals 200 Years of Chilling Horror

Ford Filson as Victor Frankenstein and Kat Adams as Elisabeth. Peter Fischaber as the creature looks on,’skulking with intent to lurk.  Photo courtesy of 3rd Act Theatre  

The 3rd Act Theatre of Oklahoma City is presenting a new adaptation of “Frankenstein” through September 27, 2020 as part of their Noire productions.  The final performance on Sunday, September 27 will be live-streamed and all the previous performances are live on the stage at North Park Mall.  The author of this latest version is an actor and promising young playwright, Vincent Hannam, and this production is… Continue reading

3rd Act Entertains and Delights with Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple”

Felix (Ed Spinelli) and Oscar (Chris Rodgers) attempting to impress the Pigeon sisters Cecily (Brooke Howard) and Gwendolyn (Caitlin Cairns) Photos courtesy of J. Christine Lanning and were taken before clear masks could be finished.

Neil Simon has been entertaining audiences for decades with his comedic sense. His characters are found in improbable but plausible situations that are ripe with humorous potential and wonderful zingers. “The Odd Couple” has been a fan favorite since the 1965 Broadway premiere starred Art Carney and Walter Matthau, who reprised his role as Oscar for the 1968 movie hit with Jack Lemmon as Felix.… Continue reading

Plugged In at the Pollard Theatre

Matthew Sipress

Covid-19 has significantly impacted society at all levels, however, the Persian adage ‘This too shall pass’ is, thankfully, applicable.  When the pandemic ends there will be a return to normalcy, although normal may look a lot different in the future.  There will be some areas that have been impacted so profoundly that it is still difficult to predict what life will look like in the future.  That is especially true of live performance art. 

Kolby Kindle

In the 20th century it was thought that film and then television would destroy live theatre. … Continue reading

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”… make that “Drink” and Party On

Keegan Zimmerman (Demetrius in “A Midsummer Night’s Drink”

Life is certainly different nowadays, but humor sustains us.  The entertainment industry, particularly live performance has been profoundly impacted by the pandemic and many theatres are not able to operate until the crisis has run its course.  While the equity houses are restricted by equity regulations along with the other precautions responsible business is taking, community theatre is unfettered by equity regulations.  Therefore it is possible to perform on a community level using common sense.  Masks, social distancing and deep cleaning are of vital importance and 3rd… Continue reading

“Moonglow” at 3rd Act is Over the Moon is Excellence

Jackie Smola stars as Maxine along with Rosemary Orwig Rogers as Diane (unpacking) in Kim Carney’s “Moonglow” at 3rd Act Theatre

Can two elderly people who can’t remember each other’s names fall in love and share intimate meaningful moments?  Or, perhaps a better question is:  can anyone stay alive without a measure of contentment that comes from a sense of belonging?  The kind of ‘belonging’ in loving and being loved, being held and holding another.

 “Moonglow” written by Kim Carney is a story of heartache, heartbreak, and heartwarming moments across generations.  Carney captures the essence… Continue reading

Live Theatre Returns!

Oklahoma Art Scene and Hurd will be returning shortly with the review for “Moonglow” presented at 3rd Act Theatre located in the Shoppes at Northpark.  Performances from June 12 to June 27 will be live at that location.  3rd Act Theatre has done extensive sanitation and has created social distancing for patrons with seating arrangements.  The actors on stage will be the only ones not wearing masks, as the crew and staff will wear them and the audience is required to have them as well.  There will be no food and drink in the theatre. … Continue reading

“The Great American Trailer Park Musical” is Hilarious Comedy at The Boom

Erin Heatly as Jeannie, Trailer Park resident at Armadillo Acres. Photo Courtesy of James Michael Avance JMA Vision

“The Great American Trailer Park Musical” has, since its 2005 premiere, entertained and amused audiences with a story from the other side of the tracks.  Betsy Kelso and David Nehls collaborated to create a hilarious musical with Kelso doing the book and Nehls the music.  They certainly succeeded in this titillating trailer trash treat.

Kara Chapman who has been astounding Oklahoma City metropolitan area audiences with her superb vocals and excellent acting skills has added more accomplishments to her resume.… Continue reading

Sensitivity and Talented Performances in “The Library” at Carpenter Square

When Marshall, a former student at Mountain Valley High, unexpectedly shows up at Caitlin’s house acting strangely, she cannot help but be disturbed by him. Pictured are Ford Filson and Sara Byerly in the scene from “The Library” Photo courtesy of Rhonda Clark

Carpenter Square is presenting “The Library” under the expert direction of Terry Veal.  Veal does an excellent job of interpreting the show’s message. “The Library” is the 2014 play by noted screenwriter Scott Z. Burns, who adapted numerous Ludlum books to screen.  “The Library” is his first stage play and an interesting tale about the… Continue reading

Lyric’s “Having Our Say” Says it All in a Delightful and Historical Memoir

Terry Burrell as Bessie (left) and Julia Lema as Sadie preparing dinner. Photo courtesy of K. Talley Photography

“Having Our Say” is Emily Mann’s thoughtful adaptation of the successful book written by Sarah L. Delany and her sister A. Elizabeth Delany with Amy Hill Hearth. The full title of the book is ‘Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters’ First 100 Years’. The memoir details the amazing and fascinating lives and careers of these two maiden lady sisters leading extremely fulfilling lives. As women of color the Delany sisters faced a changing world reluctant to accept them. Never allowing any obstacles… Continue reading

OSP Brings Romance to Shakespeare’s Lovers “Romeo and Juliet”

Bryan Lewis and Nikki Mar as Romeo and Juliet in “Romeo and Juliet” Photo courtesy of Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park

Opening the 2020 season, Executive and Artistic Director, Kathryn McGill, and Tyler Woods, Managing Director of Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park welcome Kris Kuss to direct Shakespeare’s classic “Romeo and Juliet.”  Kuss has extensive experience with Shakespeare including combat instruction. As Fight Choreographer his staging of each altercation lends verisimilitude as well as elegance along with his generally excellent direction of this classic tragedy. 

 “Romeo and Juliet” is one of the most familiar of Shakespeare’s beloved… Continue reading