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“Heisenberg” Excellence in Important Theatre Presented by CityRep

Stacey Logan as Georgie Burns and Ben Hall as Alex Priest in “Heisenberg” Photo courtesy of Briquet Media

“Heisenberg” or “ħeisen·berg” for purists, is the new romance written by Simon Stephens, first appearing in June of 2015 to profound critical acclaim.  It seems to have no relationship to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle–The statement in ‘quantum mechanics, formulated by Werner Heisenberg, that it is impossible to measure two properties of a quantum object, such as its position and momentum (or energy and time), simultaneously with infinite precision.’ Although Simon Stephens does come from a family of mathematicians he is… Continue reading

“Nunsense II: The Second Coming” is a Big Hit with Jewel Box Audience!

In 1985 Dan Goggin came up with a cute greeting card featuring a nun.  Everyone loved the line of cards and soon Goggin developed the idea of a musical comedy featuring cute nuns and called “Nunsense”.  Since that time there have been several spin-offs, six sequels and a couple of television shows.  The original production from 1985, “Nunsense” became the second longest running Off-Broadway show in history, second only to “The Fantastics”

“Nunsense II: The Second Coming” and the second sequel came along in 1992 taking place six weeks following “Nunsense” and continuing the story.  From… Continue reading

An Uncertain Romance Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

…By Clayton J. Blair

Ben Hall and Stacey Logan

CityRep continues their 16th season with the regional premiere of the 2017 Tony Award® nominated play “Heisenberg”, starring Oklahoma City’s own Broadway leading lady Stacey Logan and longtime local favorite Ben Hall.

Aboard a modern London train station, a man stands quietly lost in thought and a woman, a total stranger to him and 20 years his junior, comes up and kisses him on the back of the neck.  All of this happens before the show even begins….Intrigued?  … Continue reading

Two Friends, One Front Porch: Carpenter Square Presents “Ages of the Moon”

……….by Adrienne Proctor

The scene before us is a familiar one; two friends sharing a drink on a front porch in August, somewhere in the south. They’re waiting out the heat of the day and anticipating an upcoming lunar eclipse. The two reminisce over bourbon, and under the broken ceiling fan, which oscillates intermittently in the breeze. But this is no ordinary front porch. This is Sam Shepard’s “Ages of the Moon”, presented by Carpenter Square Theatre. Rob May is Ames and Michael Kramer portrays his long lost friend Byron, summoned by Ames for an over-due visit. Together the men… Continue reading

Excellence Abounds in “The Bathrobe Club”

    A Directed Reading of a New Play by Adam Davies

Review by Adrienne Proctor

Cast of “The Bathrobe Club” Photo Courtesy of Andy Hopkins

Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre, CityRep, sponsors a directed reading of “The Bathrobe Club”. Directed by Daniel Leeman Smith with Donald Jordan advising, this developing work is written by, and based on real-life experiences of, Oklahoma City based writer Adam Davies. The play covers mostly one day in the life of Davies and his infamous companion Bobby Zarem.

Scott Hynes portrays Davies. The hard to love yet impossible to hate Adam is angry at everyone… Continue reading

You Are Cordially Invited to the Reading of a New Play- The Bathrobe Club by Adam Davies

A Reading of
by Adam Davies
Saturday, January 6th
5:00 pm
At the CityRep space downstairs in the
Civic Center Music Hall
201 N. Walker Avenue
The Bathrobe Club is presented in a Reader’s Theatre format.
Admission is free and by invitation only.
(There will be a Q&A and feedback session with the cast, crew, and playwright 
afterwards for those who are interested)
Daniel Leeman Smith, Director
Don Jordan, Advisor
Emily Pace as Brit Bayless
James Ong as Bobby Zarem
Scott Hynes as Adam Davies
THE BATHROBE CLUB… Continue reading

Bare Bones “Reader’s Theater” Engages the Imagination, Tells a Familiar Story

The Invisible Theater Company presents “A Christmas Carol” at Guthrie’s Scottish Rite Temple. A stripped down version, this timeless tale is presented in a unique way. Instead of costumes and sets, this Reader’s Theater version involves on-book actors sitting and reading their scripts aloud to the audience. Book lights replace spotlights, while voices reflect emotions. Ten actors portray the classic Dickens characters, with Elizabeth Hurd at the helm as narrator. Tim Heaton, directs as well as portraying Scrooge.

With such a well-known story, told year after year in every medium imaginable, it would seem impossible to tell this old, familiar… Continue reading

Judy Collins AND “Greater Tuna” !!! Thanks CityRep!!!

Jonathan Beck Reed (in pink)
Donald Jordan (in baby blue)
Photo courtesy of MUTZ Photography

Bah! Humbug!  Christmas shopping is for the birds! But I have to please the family with exactly the right present, and I have to figure out something for them to get for me.  I don’t want anything, except maybe a new pair of shoes. I have always appreciated the Christmas message. It is an important one, spiritually, and I am glad to see that it is now a secular holiday as well. The spirit of giving is so important to all religions. … Continue reading

Judy Collins brings “A Love Letter to Stephen Sondheim” to OKC

Photo courtesy of Brad Trent

Christmas is upon us!  As usual, the eight-ball is directly facing down this household.  As usual, I’m behind it. There are stockings left to hang, hot chocolate needing marshmallows, and a tree that’s barely trimmed. Of course, last week when everything was still under control, the flu came to visit and nobody did a thing.  Most of all, there is the pressure to find the perfect gifts! And me? What do I want for Christmas? I’d be happy with a new toothbrush right now!

…..Eureka!  I have it.  I know… Continue reading

“Noises Off” A Must See Production from Theatre Oklahoma City University

“Noises Off” set by Jason Foreman
Photo-Jillian Pritchard Ball

It’s hard to go wrong with Michael Frayn.  His success as an author is significant and is equaled by his prowess as a playwright.  One of the funniest plays of the 20th century is “Noises Off” written in 1982.  He was inspired in 1970 while watching one of his very funny farces from the wings.  Written for Lynn Redgrave “The Two of Us” was even funnier from backstage and he decided then that he must write a play ‘from behind’ and “Noises Off” was conceived. … Continue reading