Publisher: Elizabeth Hurd

Outstanding and Outrageous, Lyric’s “The Rocky Horror Show” is Smashingly Decadent

Lee Walter as Frank “n” Furter in The Rocky Horror Show at Lyric. Photos courtesy of Miki Galloway

“The Rocky Horror Show” is a cult-classic musical originally presented in 1973.  The story revolves around a young couple, Brad and Janet and their adventures that begin with a blow-out on the highway and wind up as quite a blow-out at the residence of Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter where they have taken refuge.  Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter is a very unorthodox fellow based on the character of Dr. Frankenstein.  The sweet young couple is seduced into a world of celebratory sexuality joining Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter’s entourage.  Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter is more than the typical mad scientist as he manipulates Brad and Janet along with his minions into a riotous evening. Brad and Janet lose their innocence and their inhibitions.

This production takes place in Denton, Texas, so the characters are not only romping through a series of sexual escapades but they are also tromping through each scene in cowboy boots and hats—often wearing little else.  The play is directed by Lyric’s Producing Artistic Director, Michael Baron with a little quirkiness on top of the obvious comedy adding some interesting touches to the show.  

There are seventeen exciting cast members in the show and leading the principal characters  as Frank ‘N’ Furter is Lee Walter.  Making his Lyric debut, Walter has performed regionally at numerous venues including the Dallas Theatre Center.  In a fully outrageous characterization Walter brings a little bit of Texas along creating a nice polish to the production.  Walter is extremely versatile in vocals and dance, as well as exhibiting a twinkle in the eye, a devastating grin, and may have pulled a few things out of a pert cleavage. Versatility coupled with joy in performing make “The Rocky Horror Show” the hilarious production that audiences have come to love.

Logan Corley as Brad and Sadie Koopman as Janet. Photos courtesy of Miki Galloway

Logan Corley plays Brad, the preppie college boy with an initial stiffness that morphs into a very loose fraternity boy in the course of one evening at the residence of Frank ‘N’ Furter.  Sadie Koopman is Janet,  prim and proper with that hint of superiority so many cheerleaders have.  The two sweet young things have great chemistry with a spontaneity to their characters as they begin to enjoy the life of debauchery the evening provides.

In order to perfectly understand the events in “The Rocky Horror Show” the narrator keeps us filled in.  Lyn Cramer has a demeanor at odds with audience expectations based on her look that makes her character a favorite.  She is, in fact, a hoot!

Rocky is the creation of Frank ‘N’ Furter and he is played with excellent assurance by Joshua Thompson who is also making his Lyric debut.  Thompson is a brave man, moving fluidly and confidently into the life he is discovering yet creating a character unsure of expectations. 

Matthew Alvin Brown is Riff Raff, the chief minion of Frank ‘N’ Furter, taking care of all the details with an evil grin and a weak chin.  Brown is a great favorite of Lyric audiences for his talent and dedication in each role and Riff Raff is no exception.  Emily J. Pace is Columbia, a bit of a minx with a touch of melancholy translating beautifully Gabriella Rae Jimenez is Magenta, a more down to earth character underneath the extravagance. 

Mario Matthews plays Eddie and also Dr. Scott, with each of the two personalities well defined, clear and distinct. The eight remaining cast members have ensemble roles as Phantoms and also understudy the primaries.  Caleb Barnett is a stand-out Phantom as is Kat Metcalfe, Mariah Warren, Sheridan McMichael, Sierra Sikes, Bradley Baker, Hagen Wano, and Elizabeth Delgado-Savage.  The principals may carry the heart of the show, but the backbone of a production is found in the ensemble or chorus.

With a Denton, Texas locality one would imagine that this show might be a little more conservative than other productions of “The Rocky Horror Show” and yet this production has a bit of barn yard down to mud rather than down to earth raunchiness.  The funny bone is definitely stimulated.

The band is on stage and visually not noticeable, but the auditory is excellent.  Under the wing of Music Director Brian Hamilton the nine band members deliver an exciting accompaniment.  Kangwa Mundende contributes additional arrangements.

Emily J. Pace as Columbia and Matthew Alvin Brown as Riff Raff. Photo courtesy of Miki Galloway.

The energetic dance numbers are the work of Kaylene Snarsky, Choreographer performed in the daring extravagant costumes by Jeffrey Meek.  Walter has numerous costume changess and is stunning in every single one of them.  Kristina Lenkowsky is the Stage Manager with Amelia McKey assisting.  The Texas set may look familiar to audiences and is the inspiration of Dillon Bertholf.  Fabian J. Garcia designs lights while sound is Corey Ray.  Props for “The Rocky Horror Show” are intriguingly fun and the contribution of Amanda Schnake. Brawna Brinkley Gfeller designs wigs and makeup, complementing the costumes perfectly. The entire crew put together a tightly woven and well-integrated show that looks like wonderful pandemonium! 

“The Rocky Horror Show” is not a family show, and provides an outlet for the audience to indulge their sexual natures in costume and feedback.  Not only is it best not to bring the kids, it is even better not to tell the kids, because they aren’t telling you!  Cast and crew does a fine job interpreting the work of Richard O’Brien creator of “The Rocky Horror Show” with book, music and lyrics.

“The Rocky Horror Show” runs from October 5, 2022  through October 30, 2022 Wednesday through Saturday at 8:00 pm.  The curtain for the Sunday Matinee is at 5:00 pm.  The location is the beautiful Plaza Theatre in the Plaza District of Oklahoma City at 1727 NW 16th Street.  For tickets and information go to or call 405-524-9310.  This is a great chance to wear that outrageous and inappropriate ensemble that has been calling from the closet because everything wants out of the closet at “The Rocky Horror Show”