Publisher: Elizabeth Hurd

“Little Shop of Horrors” brings Farce and Fun to Audience with Horrific Appetite!

The star of “Little Shop of Horrors” is Audrey Jr. and she waits patiently for her 1st entrance and LUNCH! Photo courtesy of Jared Blount, Pollard Theatre.

Every now and then the shy, clumsy and unimpressive individual has hidden depths that are astounding although we rarely get a glimpse into the recesses of the mind of such an individual, we would be surprised to find that it certainly isn’t boring.  It may even be horrific!  A mild-mannered and somewhat inhibited florist assistant is such a fellow with very interesting depths that are revealed in his story as seen in “Little Shop of Horrors” currently being shown at the Pollard Theatre in Guthrie, OK.  His name is Seymour Krelbourne and he is the downtrodden employee of Mr. Mushnik, the miserly florist with a shop on skid row.  Apparently Mr. Mushnik wasn’t listening when the real estate agent said ‘location, location, LOCATION!’ as the little shop is certainly not prospering.

Krelbourne brings in a plant that he grew from mysterious Chinese seeds that is not doing well at all and he hopes that his boss has the expertise to help him revive the unusual and sad looking foliage.  It doesn’t pay off, but Seymour soon discovers that a drop of blood does revive his little plant.  He has named the plant Audrey Jr. after the beautiful young lady who also works in the shop.  It appears that Seymour has a crush on Audrey.  And Audrey is touched by her namesake. 

The vampire plant prospers, and seems to have an insatiable appetite.  The appetite for human blood, and flesh must be fed, and Audrey Jr. develops the ability to speak as he grows larger and larger.  But no one seems to mind, and Mr. Mushnik is very pleased to discover that he has many new customers among the gawkers that have come to see the unusual looking plant.  Seymour never grows a back bone but he does become more confident enabling him to approach the lovely Audrey and these two become an item.  The play often moves forward with the assistant of the chorus, consisting of three young ladies who sing in harmony as the plant creates a singular disharmony.  Audrey Jr. is happy to be helpful–consuming Dr. Farb, the evil dentist and other undesirables that visit the shop,   In addition to Dr. Farb, Orin Scrivello and many other characters become dinner as Audrey Jr. grows larger and more demanding.

Jared Blount as Seymour Krelbourne holds his unusual plant, Audrey Jr. in front of the florist shop on skid row in “Little Shop of Horrors” Photo courtesy of Jared Blount, Pollard Theatre.

“Little Shop of Horrors” is a musical and became a cult classic shortly after release of the 1986 film of the same name directed by Frank Oz.  The book and lyrics are by Howard Ashman, music by Alan Menken and screenplay by Charles Griffith.  This production is directed by the talented Matthew Alvin Brown and displays a quirkiness that Brown exploits with expertise and crafty humor.  Larz Justice assists the director and Ren Trowbridge contributes as stage manager.  Jason Hunt is music director.  The set comes out of the imagination of Jared Blount, Michael Long and Larz Justice and the costumes are by Michael James.  The Properties are thanks to the combined talents of Timothy Stewart and Jessa Schinske.  The technical aspects of the production are very well done.

The excellent performances  from the seven actors, one voice actor and the Puppeteer move “Little Shop of Horrors” into a production that is delightfully campy, wonderfully horrific in conception and incredibly entertaining.  Jared Blount stars as the hapless Seymour Krelbourne with Ellie Valdez as the sweetly seductive Audrey.  The irascible Mr. Mushnik is Timothy Stewart.  Orin Scrivello et al is Joshua Thompson, changing personality along with his hat.  The chorus consists of three talented singers, De’Vin Lewis as Crystal, Terjuana Brooks as Ronnette and Erin Thompson as Chiffon make the show memorable.  Kendon Lacy does the voice of Audrey Jr. and Larz Justice is the Puppeteer for the evil plant

“Little Shop of Horrors” plays at the Pollard Theatre June 9, 2023 through July 1, 2023 in downtown Guthrie, 120 W. Harrison Avenue.  For tickets and information visit or email the box office at  Curtain is 8:00 pm Friday and Saturday and the Sunday matinee is 2:00 pm.  “Little Shop of Horrors”  is a show for anyone with an appetite for farce insatiable or otherwise!