Publisher: Elizabeth Hurd

Ghostlight Theatre Club Presents “Lives of the Saints”

Elizabeth Hurd  Published: May 17th, 2011

It is time at last to let the ‘shpuunt’ out of the bag! If anyone can ever tell us what it is–but decides not to—that would be David Ives. “Lives of the Saints” is currently showing at Ghostlight Theatre Club in the Paseo District of Oklahoma City.
Author Ives may have clued in director Emily Etherton, regarding ‘shpuunt’ otherwise she would be unable to ‘cloomna floofa himna flek’ so beautifully and with such a great cast too! Anyone confused by this will be all straightened out once they check out this production showing through May 28. One thing is clear: “Lives of the Saints” is not only absurd, it is hilarious. The show is a series of separate sketches depicting outrageously impossible situations. Rather like a variety show in the Saturday Night Live and Monte Python genre.

Etherton’s direction is inspired and the cast delivers superb timing and control. Each separate scene is a gem and six gems are performed marvelously. However the seventh scene is more than a mere jewel, ‘Lives of the Saints’ gives us the title of the entire play as a twinkling beautiful star without the least bit of nonsense. This glimpse into the lives of two elderly Catholic ladies preparing the funeral breakfast for the recently departed husband of their friend is magnificent. Starring Josh Irick and Ian Clinton as two of the most beautiful and humorous women of the modern world, this slice of Americana is delightfully amusing. Both of these actors must have had wonderful grandmothers, and they paid as much attention to them as they do the director!

Irick is also wonderful as a fellow in love with his washing machine in ‘Soap Opera’. ‘ She must be a dead wringer for his mom’ is the only bit of wordplay not heard in this funny sketch. Jeni White and Victoria Stahl keep us in stitches as the real women compete with technology and the Maytag repairman commercial unites with “As the World Turns”. Also tickling the funny bone with a little religious and language development is the sketch call ‘Babel’s in Arms’. This skit, starring Clinton and Jason McKelvy along with White inspires the paragraph above. Fortunately, Clinton and McKelvy are too adept at ‘clooma floofa whatever’ that White does not notice they forgot the ‘shpuuunt’.

Rick Foresee as the Vicar in ‘The Mystery at Twickham Vicarage’ is quite versatile along with fellow cast members; White, Stahl, Irick and Clinton. Tyler Waits is exceptional in ‘Enigma Variations’ along with fellow cast members: White, Stahl, Irick and Foresee. Audience favorites includes ‘Captive Audience’ – ‘oh Rob’ and for travelers: ‘Arabian Nights’.

The line-up at Ghostlight Theatre Club with “Lives of the Saints” should be included for any sophisticated audience who can’t help laughing. Etherton cast and directs with skilled technical support from a dedicated crew.

For ticket information visit or call 405-286-9412.  “Lives of the Saints” shows through May 28 Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00pm at Ghostlight Theatre Club. Ghostlight near the Paseo district is located at 3110 N. Walker in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.