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Carpenter Square Theatre’s “Crumbs from the Table of Joy”- Far Short of Joyful

                                                                                                          ……………by Adrienne Proctor

Michael Page (center) as Godfrey brings home crumbly cookies for his daughters Ernestina and Ermina, (Shermaine Taplin and Dashari Miller, Photo Courtesy of Rhonda Clark

Carpenter Square Theatre’s 34th Season is rolling right along with their fifth of eight shows this season.… Continue reading

“Crowns” A Gospel Musical brings Delight to Lyric Audiences!

M. Denise Lee as Mother Shaw presents a hat to Ashley Marie Arnold as Yolanda in “Crowns” at Lyric. Photo Courtesy of KO Rinearson

There is an attitude that is fleeting, reminiscent of a simpler time, a warmer place and a slower pace that may well disappear. That memory is preserved in “Crowns” a gospel musical currently being presented at Lyric Theatre at the Plaza.  “Crowns” was first realized as a beautiful coffee table book with photos of African American women all dressed up for Sunday go-to-meeting!  That means a hat—a hat that is not too flashy… Continue reading

“The Bluest Eye” Controversial-Not Contentious

Erika Felix (Frieda MacTeer) in pink, Alyssa Peters (Claudia MacTeer) in orange flank Laura Kariuki as Pecola Breedlove Photo courtesy of Bryan Cardinale-Powell

Toni Morrison is a widely acclaimed author whose best-known work is “Beloved,” a favorite of many including Oprah Winfrey.  In 1970 her book, “The Bluest Eye” depicted a cry from the heart of a little girl who wished to be accepted into the society of the late 30’s and early 40’s as the United States was trying very hard to avoid war.  Pecola wanted blue eyes to make her pretty and popular and loved.… Continue reading

“Heisenberg” Excellence in Important Theatre Presented by CityRep

Stacey Logan as Georgie Burns and Ben Hall as Alex Priest in “Heisenberg” Photo courtesy of Briquet Media

“Heisenberg” or “ħeisen·berg” for purists, is the new romance written by Simon Stephens, first appearing in June of 2015 to profound critical acclaim.  It seems to have no relationship to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle–The statement in ‘quantum mechanics, formulated by Werner Heisenberg, that it is impossible to measure two properties of a quantum object, such as its position and momentum (or energy and time), simultaneously with infinite precision.’ Although Simon Stephens does come from a family of mathematicians he… Continue reading

“Nunsense II: The Second Coming” is a Big Hit with Jewel Box Audience!

In 1985 Dan Goggin came up with a cute greeting card featuring a nun.  Everyone loved the line of cards and soon Goggin developed the idea of a musical comedy featuring cute nuns and called “Nunsense”.  Since that time there have been several spin-offs, six sequels and a couple of television shows.  The original production from 1985, “Nunsense” became the second longest running Off-Broadway show in history, second only to “The Fantastics”

“Nunsense II: The Second Coming” and the second sequel came along in 1992 taking place six weeks following “Nunsense” and continuing the story. … Continue reading

Excellence Abounds in “The Bathrobe Club”

    A Directed Reading of a New Play by Adam Davies

Review by Adrienne Proctor

Cast of “The Bathrobe Club” Photo Courtesy of Andy Hopkins

Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre, CityRep, sponsors a directed reading of “The Bathrobe Club”. Directed by Daniel Leeman Smith with Donald Jordan advising, this developing work is written by, and based on real-life experiences of, Oklahoma City based writer Adam Davies. The play covers mostly one day in the life of Davies and his infamous companion Bobby Zarem.

Scott Hynes portrays Davies. The hard to love yet impossible to hate Adam is angry at… Continue reading

You Are Cordially Invited to the Reading of a New Play- The Bathrobe Club by Adam Davies

A Reading of
by Adam Davies
Saturday, January 6th
5:00 pm
At the CityRep space downstairs in the
Civic Center Music Hall
201 N. Walker Avenue
The Bathrobe Club is presented in a Reader’s Theatre format.
Admission is free and by invitation only.
(There will be a Q&A and feedback session with the cast, crew, and playwright 
afterwards for those who are interested)
Daniel Leeman Smith, Director
Don Jordan, Advisor
Emily Pace as Brit Bayless
James Ong as Bobby Zarem
Scott Hynes as Adam Davies
THE BATHROBE… Continue reading