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Comfort and Joy come to the Jewel Box Theatre with “Plaid Tidings”

The Christmas season is upon us and the Jewel Box Theatre unwraps the festive “Plaid Tidings!” The holiday edition of the classic “Forever Plaid”, created by Stuart Ross in 1990, is a sequel meant to lift broken spirits during the holidays following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. It has since become a cheerful holiday treat to anyone seeking warmth and heart during this now over stimulated and rather over materialized season, and is a delight for any lover of a genuine Christmas song that hasn’t been digitally damaged with techno tunes. Continue reading

“A Behanding in Spokane” Has Possibilities; Needs Work

Toby (Leonard Jackson) with severed hands to sell.
Photo courtesy of Bricquet Media LLC

“A Behanding in Spokane” is a dark, witty comedy by Martin McDonogh, first opening in 2010.  It’s the story of four people in dire circumstances resulting from exceedingly improbable motivations.  Oklahoma City Theatre Company opens Season 19 with a show destined to bring hilarity to the ordinary folks who don’t necessarily have such bizarre situations; but real life is fraught with far-fetched situations nearly as ridiculous as the one these characters find themselves experiencing.  For example, Don Taylor who plays Mr. Carmichael took… Continue reading

Oklahoma City University and Oklahoma Children’s Theatre Collaborate on Energetic “Lord of the Flies”

Cast of “Lord of the Flies”
Photo Courtesy of Elina Moon Photography

Oklahoma Children’s Theatre and Oklahoma City University present the classic “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding at the Burg Theatre on the Oklahoma City University campus.  “Lord of the Flies” is a novel that was published in 1954 and is about a group of school boys who are stranded on an uninhabited island. Their story is one of survival but it is also a story of the breakdown of civilization as the boys attempt to govern themselves.  They create a power struggle between factions, and… Continue reading

Carpenter Square’s “The Birds” Misses Objective

Julia (Miranda LoPresti) reads the palm of Diane (Angie Duke) as Nat (Doug Monson) looks on. Photos courtesy of Carpenter Square

 “The Birds” is a frightening novelette written by Daphne du Maurier, published in 1962 in a collection entitled ‘The Apple Tree’. The story is about a farmer residing in Cornwall who finds his rural community under assault from birds and is thought to be a metaphor for the blitz bombing of Britain during World War II.  The story inspired Alfred Hitchcock to make his famous thriller movie in 1963, and Colin McPherson published his new play, “The… Continue reading

Outstanding Original Production – “Gallow Walkers”

Michael Todd, Chelcy Harrell, Mat Govich and Jennifer Teel in Gallow Walkers.
Photo courtesy of Michael Weeks

Michael Todd is a gifted singer/song writer. He is known for the popular group The Wild Frontier Band, playing in venues both national and international as well as Oklahoma City.  He has put his varied talents to work on a new musical that is now playing at Shakespeare in the Park on Paseo.  The show is “Gallow Walkers” and Todd has written the music, lyrics, and the book for this rather zany paranormal folk opera.  “Gallow Walkers” is not to… Continue reading

The Pollard’s “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” Phenomenal and Provocative

Matthew Alvin Brown as Hedwig (right foreground) and Renee Anderson as Yitzhak perform in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”

“Hedwig and the Angry Inch” is a most provocative and unique story told in a delightfully tasteless rock and roll fashion that is based on shocking and somewhat horrific events.  Hedwig is a tragic figure, yet he has made the most of the hard knocks in life, and he tells his story in a concert full of music and humor.  The music is popular; the humor is dark and cruel.  Nevertheless the story is uplifting.  The show,… Continue reading

Lyric Theatre’s “Rock of Ages” Delights Patrons

The cast of “Rock of Ages”
Photo courtesy of
KO Rinearson

Lyric Theatre begins the fall season with the widely acclaimed “Rock of Ages” bringing the 80’s glitz and glitter back into our consciousness.  Even those who tried to avoid the decade while experiencing it will connect positively with the tongue-in-cheek humor, and the fresh take found in the story from Chris D’Arienzo with arrangements and orchestrations of the greatest hits of the decade by Ethan Popp.  Lyric’s Artistic Director, Michael Baron, is thrilled to present the show to Oklahoma audiences as it really strikes a chord with… Continue reading

“Suite Surrender”—Sweet Sensation from Jewel Box Theatre

Actors pose in publicity photo for Jewel Box Theatre’s production, “Suite Surrender.” From left: Joe Bonfiglio, Amandanell Bold, standing, and Zaneen Hotchkiss. Photo taken Monday, Sep 11, 2017. Photo by Jim Beckel, The Oklahoman

Jewel Box Theatre presents the hysterical farce, “Suite Surrender” through October 22, 2017 by noted playwright, Michael McKeever.  The comedy is directed by Don Taylor, and he has the perfect cast to deliver the witty repartee with the perfect timing the play deserves.  Timing is everything, double takes are imperative for the double entendrs, and a certain lack of fear from the actors make… Continue reading

Exceptional Performances in “Hamlet” from Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park!

Hamlet (Luke Thomas Eddy) challenges his mother, Queen Gertrude (Kathryn Mcgill)

Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park is presenting “Hamlet” to put an exclamation on their 33rd season.  Now that we have such beautiful cool evenings it is a welcome return to the Myriad Botanical Gardens for the performance.  “Hamlet” is one of the better known Shakespearean masterpieces; everywhere we go we take a bit of “Hamlet” along with us.  What falls ‘trippingly’ from our tongues in common speech is frequently Shakespearean, and, more often than not “Hamlet” is the source.

“Hamlet” is always studied in high… Continue reading

“A Closer Walk With Patsy Cline” is a Closer Walk with Music

Julie Johnson as Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline was born Virginia Patterson Hensley and as a youngster little Ginny Hensley broke into the music world with a delicious and delightful honkytonk sound.  As she grew into Patsy Cline her music was distinguished by her powerfully emotional voice, and she is the first ‘country’ artist to cross over into the ‘pop’ charts.  But she didn’t just cross over, she transcended.  Her music was just that–music.  And it seared the soul, an ability universally recognized.  She died too young; she was only 30 years old when that fatal… Continue reading