Publisher: Elizabeth Hurd


“Heathers: The Musical” Too Dark to be Real-Too Funny to be False

Elizabeth Hurd Published: October 12th, 2016

Daniel Waters is the well-respected screen writer known for ‘Adventures of Ford Fairlane’ and ‘Hudson Hawk’ who also penned “Heathers” in 1988. “Heathers” earned an Edgar Award, but was largely overlooked commercially. As is often the case with ‘sleepers’ “Heathers” ultimately became a cult classic. Those good old school days are a myth, and the high school experience is horrific for most kids. Continue reading

High Energy “Fully Committed” at Lyric on the Plaza

Martin Burke in Lyric’s 2016 production of FULLY COMMITTED. Photo by KO Rinearson.

Anna Holloway Published: September 23rd, 2016

Lyric Theatre has brought an entertaining and energetic show to their Plaza stage. “Fully Committed” follows a day in the life of a reservation clerk at an upscale Manhattan restaurant. Played by Martin Burke, Sam is the guy at the bottom of the pecking order as he responds to calls and demands from patrons, coworkers, family, and boss, all of whom are played by Martin Burke.  Continue reading

Coolly Romantic “Romeo and Juliet” Shows at the Myriad Gardens Water Stage

Elizabeth Hurd Published: September 16th, 2016

It was a dark and stormy night…and also the opening of “The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet” at the Myriad Botanical Gardens presented by Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park. Opening night can be a little shaky and the possibilities of rain certainly played a part. Artistic director, Kathryn McGill directs the production and assuring everyone that, if the show gets rained out, tickets will provide admission to an upcoming performance.  Continue reading

“Becky’s New Car” Opens to Appreciative Audience at Carpenter Square

Elizabeth Hurd Published: September 5th, 2016

Carpenter Square Theatre opens a 33rd season with a light-hearted comedy, “Becky’s New Car” by noted American playwright Steven Dietz. Artistic Director Rhonda Clark directs. The action takes place in a typical American city like Seattle. Becky Foster is a middle-aged, middle-class and rather muddled woman with a 26 year old son living at home and a doting husband. Continue reading

George Adams Delightfully Directs “Talking With…” at the Paramount Theatre

Elizabeth Hurd Published: August 29th, 2016

“Talking With…” is a delightful series of monologues that gives us a clue of the feminine experience. The award winning play reveals much of the mystery that motivates women without violating the ‘feminine mystique’ that surrounds women. “Talking With…” has none of the shock and shame that “The Vagina Monologues” expresses over a decade later and it accomplishes a great deal more. Continue reading

“Sylvia” Starts Pollard Season with a Hit Right Out of the Dog Park!

Elizabeth Hurd Published: August 25th, 2016

“Sylvia” opens the 30th season at the Pollard Theatre in Guthrie inspiring a great deal of emotion about the unconditional love that exists between man and dog. The bond is everlasting, and many favorite family memories involve the exploits of a beloved pet. “Sylvia” is the story of one unbreakable bond that nearly everyone experiences. Continue reading

“The Liar” Reveals True Comedy with Stunning Clarity

Elizabeth Hurd Published: August 24th, 2016

Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park’s Artistic Director Kathryn McGill is excited to bring “The Liar” to Oklahoma audiences.

Board President Rob Gallavan is also delighted, and brings his considerable talent as an actor to the production. Laura Standley, Associate Professor of Theatre at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, returns to her native state and original stomping grounds to direct “The Liar” at OSP’s Paseo location.

French playwright Pierre Corneille is to France as Shakespeare is to England. Favored by Cardinal Richelieu and critiqued by Voltaire, Corneille was best known for his tragedies but clearly also astute in creating comedy. Continue reading

Over The Rainbow “Wizard of Oz”

Anna Holloway Published: July 14th, 2016

A family show all the way through, Lyric Theatre’s production of “The Wizard of Oz” will seem familiar and fresh at the same time. This production follows the script of the film, as adapted for the Royal Shakespeare Company by John Kane, rather than being based directly on the original novel by L. Frank Baum. Continue reading

The Ecstasy of “The Agony & The Agony”

Anna Holloway Published: July 7th, 2016

Carpenter Square Theatre’s production of “The Agony & the Agony” by Nicky Silver is a very funny show. Directed by Ronn Burton, the play is almost a satire of a French farce, which is already a double entendre. With unexpected entrances and utterances creating funny and improbable situations and interactions, the show exposes the selfish and petty side of human relationships.  Giving a broadly comic and, at times, sweetly touching performance as Richard, local OKC favorite Jon Haque led the cast. Continue reading

See “Dreamgirls” at Lyric

Anna Holloway Published: July 1st, 2016

It boils down to that: go see “Dreamgirls.” It’s playing Friday at 8 and Saturday at 2 and 8.   Lyric’s production at the Civic Center is beautifully directed by Michael Baron, who has assembled an extremely effective team.

The show benefits from perfect lighting by Helena Kuukaa, an elegant and streamlined set design by Adam Koch, and tour-de-force costumes by Jeffrey Meek; this is Meek’s 100th show with Lyric, and he continues to set a standard few local designers can rival.  Set from 1962 to Continue reading