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Elizabeth Hurd

CityRep and OCCC Thrilling Audiences with 60th Anniversary “The Music Man in Concert”

Jonathan Beck Reed (Harold Hill) tempting the children of River City into joining the band. Photo coutesy of Wendy Mutz Photography

Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre (CityRep) under powerfully creative Artistic Director Donald Jordan, in cooperation with Oklahoma City Community College is bringing an exciting program of Public Works to Oklahoma City.  An extravaganza that pools many of the wonderful performing arts organizations and talented stars is the result.  This extravaganza is in honor of the 60th anniversary of “The Music Man” and is titled “The Music Man in Concert” which will play at the… Continue reading

Tyler Woods Fascinates and Astounds as King Richard III!

Tyler Woods as Richard III woos Alexis Pudvan as Lady Anne in “The Tragedy of King Richard III” Photo courtesy of OSP

“The Tragedy of King Richard III” was likely written in 1593, a decade and a century after the last Plantagenet lost his throne.  Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park tells the fascinating story as Shakespeare intended brilliantly with Tyler Woods skillfully creating the wicked sociopath.  Richard was craven, but not cowardly, and in the convoluted turn his manipulations, machinations and scheming take, we find the evil wicked uncle brought to life.  In Richard, Shakespeare created… Continue reading

Carpenter Square’s Season 35 Excites with “The Gorges Motel”

Pictured left to right are: David Burkhart, DiAnn McDown, Mariah Warren, Vikki Simer, Karen Garlitz, Angela Lux, and Cam Taylor in ‘Missing, Part 3’

In 1921, Luigi Pirandello wrote “Six Characters in Search of an Author” a comedic one act, receiving critical acclaim.   Nearly 100 years later in 2017, six authors in search of structure plotted to create a comedy of nine vignettes titled “The Gorges Motel” a popular new comedy.  


“The Gorges Motel” opens Carpenter Square’s 35th season with light comedy from the six authors. The setting for “The Gorges Motel” is… Continue reading

Behind the Scenes at OSP’s Richard III

                                                                                                                                                             by Kae Koger*

L to R: Alexis Ward as Queen Margaret, Alyssa Fantel as Queen Elizabeth, Tyler Woods as… Continue reading

Hilarious Heresy in The Pollard’s “An Act of God”

Brenda Williams

The Pollard Theatre in Guthrie, Oklahoma kicks off its 32nd season with David Javerbaum’s popular controversial comedy “An Act of God” starring Brenda Williams.  Javerbaum is an award-winning comedy writer known for his prolific work as a staff writer on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. His first book, The Last Testament: A Memoir by God was released in 2011 with “An Act of God” premiering in 2015.  Both were formed from a series of tweets @thetweetofGod.  The Pollard Theatre is a professional regional theatre of noted excellence and Timothy Stewart… Continue reading

“The Foreigner” Sparkles at Jewel Box Theatre

Barrett Davidson as Charlie Baker (red cup) Chris Harris as Betty Meeks (platter) and Matthew Percival as Ellard Simms (silver cup) Photo Courtesy of Jewel Box Theatre

Larry Shue is the author of “The Nerd” and “The Foreigner” two of the most popular award winning plays of the 1980’s.  The Jewel Box Theatre begins their 61st season with “The Foreigner” to delighted audiences.  Chuck Tweed directs and Barrett Davidson in the role of Charlie Baker.  There are many ‘sweet’ bits in “The Foreigner” and Tweed is well-known in Oklahoma theatrical circles as an ideal ‘bit’… Continue reading


Oklahoma Art Scene and Hurd was created as a vehicle to ‘criticize’ art for the benefit of the public.  With a background in theatre that’s where we began.  We have always intended to branch out into the arts. Will Hurd is one of the better known Southwest Colorists in the nation, and I have yet to ‘review’ his art although working as his agent for 40 years I am certainly qualified to do so, and I intend to cover his next opening.  But that’s nepotism!!!  That’s right.  But it’s my blog!  … Continue reading

It’s the Perfect Time for Perfect Timing in “Sense and Sensibility” at Shakespeare in the Park

Wil Rogers (lighted), Becca Mitchell, Madeline Dannenberg and David Fletcher-Hall. Photo Courtesy of Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park

Shakespeare in the Park is presenting “Sense and Sensibility,” Jane Austen’s beloved tale of two young sisters attempt to find happiness within the strict confines of moral behavior in 19th century England.  The code of conduct that women in this Victorian era had to adhere to wasn’t always easy.  She had one choice; a good marriage.  That meant a woman had to, within a very few short years, love and inspire love in the richest man she could… Continue reading

Kismet Arts Studio and Theatre Astounds with “Oliver”

Emily Pace as Nancy shields Hudson Ratcliff as Oliver

Occasionally a talented director in community theatre will stumble upon the key to superb community theatre and a masterpiece is created in an unexpected place.  Angela Polk and Laura Himes own the Kismet Arts Studio and Theatre and their first full-fledged community performance of “Oliver” is a masterpiece, however the success of their production is no stumble.  It is, rather, the result of perfect understanding in birthing superb community theatre.

Almost everyone is familiar with the work of Charles Dickens in the wonderful novels he created, set in… Continue reading

Lyric Theatre’s “Mamma Mia!” Delights the Audience at the Civic Center

The cast of “Mamma Mia!” dancing in front of the taverna

In 1976 ABBA, one of the most popular rock groups of all time released “Dancing Queen” and while not everyone was a fan of ABBA, everyone became familiar with that song.  Not only is “Dancing Queen” a great song for dancing, it is a great song to hear on the radio on that long drive home.  And for that brief moment any woman can become the dancing queen.  Even my own mother who would be 100 this year was caught in such a brief moment… Continue reading