Publisher: Elizabeth Hurd

Publisher: Elizabeth Hurd

No Controversy With “Creating Claire” at Carpenter Square

“Creating Claire” is the story of Claire Buchanan, a docent at a science museum and stay-at-home mom.  Trained as a teacher, she devotes most of her time to her autistic daughter, Abigail.  Abigail attends public school, but needs additional help beyond that available in her special needs class.  Reggie Buchanan is a devoted husband and father, and Victoria Halstead is friend and curator of the Earth and Sky Museum, where Claire is a tour guide.

The Buchanan’s are agnostic, and most of their friends are as well.  One day, Claire surprises everyone by introducing the concept… Continue reading

“Hir” Here (Hear Hear)

The object belongs to hir who just came here or didn’t you hear?  Many of us are beginning to hear about a new personal pronoun, pronounced ‘here or hear’ that is a combination of his/him/ her.  Taylor Mac is the author of “Hir” a critically acclaimed new play celebrating the use of gender-neutral pronouns and gender neutral existence.  For writers it may be an improvement to ‘he, she or it’ for every occasion; it certainly takes the lilt out of literature.

It is also too early to determine whether ‘Hir’ is critically acclaimed because it is edgy… Continue reading

“Leap of Faith” Premieres at UCO

Young Jake McGowan (Mason Imboden) is encouraged by Jonas Nightigale ((Quinn Herron)

There is a defining moment in a lifetime when one is required to make a leap of faith.  The University of Central Oklahoma tells such a story with their latest production entitled “Leap of Faith” by Glenn Slater.  The story is based on a movie of the same name starring Steve Martin and, although the role is serious, Martin uses his own subtle version of levity that makes the serious movie viable.  The musical screenplay is somewhat different but the primary premise is the same.… Continue reading

“Anything Goes” Outstanding Production from OCU Musical Theatre!

Oklahoma City University has a stellar weekend with the music of Cole Porter resounding and rejuvenating theatre patrons fortunate enough to attend “Anything Goes” this past weekend.  Director, David Herendeen, assembles talented and sophisticated students into the madcap story that has been enthralling audiences the world over since 1934.  Jan McDaniel directs music and conducts the powerful orchestra.  Cassandra VanHouten choreographs the dance numbers that are so perfectly suited to tap dancers with perfect timing, natural rhythm and sleek grace.

This group of students is not only extremely talented musical theatre performers; they are talented actors as… Continue reading

“South Pacific” at The Jewel Box—Enchanting Community Theatre

Katie Mei Markmiller
Scott Hynes
Cade Sweatt
Katie Sperry

Every now and then a name jumps out of the program for one reason or another. In “South Pacific” now showing at Jewel Box Theatre, that name belongs to Scott Hynes.  It seems to be in the wrong place.  He’s in front of the lights—when he’s usually behind them!  Hynes is the pre-eminent lighting designer for the OKC area. His role in “South Pacific” is that of the dashing, debonair Frenchman, Emile De Becque.  Fortunately, he is also the lighting designer, and everyone in the show looks… Continue reading

Hilarity and Frivolity Abounds at The Pollard Theatre with “The Producers”

We Can Do It!
Jared Blount and
W. Jerome Stevenson

The refreshingly politically incorrect musical called “The Producers” opens at the Pollard to a delighted audience.  Mel Brooks is an American Icon and his original movie of the same name was then adapted to a stage musical by Brooks. The live production from Guthrie, Oklahoma is a professional masterpiece that rivals any other.  Max Bialystock remarks early in the piece (to paraphrase) that reviews come out earlier when the critic leaves at intermission. The critic is critical to success or failure.  But how could any critic leave… Continue reading

Thank you to CityRep!

Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre brings many wonderful performers into our fair city giving us exceptional talent.  Audra McDonald is a thrilling artist with an eclectic repertoire that delighted the audience.  She is a very funny and talented lady but my new colleague at okartsceneandhurd said it best in the following letter to Don.  Thanks, CityRep!

Many many thanks to you and CityRep for bringing such a brilliant and beloved Broadway treasure to Oklahoma City.  Every CityRep sponsored event attended has been incredible, and this was no different.  Ms. McDonald’s performance was captivating, emotional, and seemed… Continue reading

Excellence in “The Whipping Man” at Carpenter Square

Justice Wickstrom, Thonie Lee and Michael Page

Carpenter Square Theatre is presenting “The Whipping Man” by Matthew Lopez.  Directed by Linda McDonald, “The Whipping Man” is an interesting drama set at the end of the Civil War.  Jews comprise only a small part of the population in the American South and before the Civil War the number of Jews who ran plantations and were slave owners was an extremely small number, less than 2% of the entire Southern Jewish population.  But they were there and they suffered alongside their neighbors.  Their slaves were no different than… Continue reading

Student Talent Foremost in OCU Theatre Presentation of “The House of Atreus”

Esteemed Professor and Head of Performance at Oklahoma City University Theatre D. Lance Marsh has undertaken the significant adaptation of Greek tragedians, Aeschylus, Euripides and Sophocles.  His adaptation is called “The House of Atreus” and is currently being performed at the Burg Theatre at Oklahoma City University.  The adaptation draws heavily from ‘The Oresteia’ by Aeschylus, with significant augmentations from Euripides ‘Electra’ and also Sophocles version of ‘Electra’ and others.

There are four acts in the adaptation.  The first two acts make up Part One of “The House of Atreus” and detail the story of Agamemnon and… Continue reading

“James and the Giant Peach” Fun Fantabulous Fantasy!

Cast of “James and the Giant Peach” at Lyric

Lyric’s production of “James and the Giant Peach” is being performed through April 9 at Lyric at the Plaza.  Set Designer Kate Sullivan, is also the designer for “I Am My Own Wife” running concurrently. The beautiful and intricate set for both shows easily transforms from a lovely fun space for “James and the Giant Peach,” to the elegant but musty gentility found in the evening performances of “I Am My Own Wife” in short order.

“James and the Giant Peach” is a show that is great fun for the… Continue reading