Publisher: Elizabeth Hurd

All Together Now! at Kismet and Everywhere

Elizabeth Delgado Savage in All Together Now! Kismet. Photo courtesy of Bryan Cardinale-Powell

This weekend Music Theatre International presents All Together Now! a global event celebrating local theatre all across 50 states and 40 countries with over 2,500 participants including Kismet Arts Studio & Theatre.  The program is designed for theatres as a fundraising event to reintroduce live performing arts to audiences who have suffered in front of the television for over two years! 

Live performance has something that cannot be appreciated through electronic access alone and Kismet’s production gives an outstanding concert demonstrating are showcased, including offerings from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Les Misérables, Newsies, Sister Act and Matilda the Musical among others.  The cast of talented vocalists includes the Company Members and the Students of Take Five, the Students of Center Stage, the students of Act One & Curtain Call.

The opening number entices us with the selection from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Justin Larman and Connor Coffman as Charlie.  Each succeeding song is equally entrancing, with many students featured.  Notable among the company members are Laura Himes and Angela Polk, two of the faculty members who first dreamed of Kismet and have made it happen.  Himes sings Meadowlark from The Baker’s Wife with unique vocal dexterity and later in the program Polk sings She Used to be Mine from Waitress with equal versatility. 

Cast Members of All Together Now! at Kismet at the Vince Gill Performing Arts Stage.. Photo courtesy of Bryan Cardinale-Powell.

There are 13 members of the company who all provide excellent musicianship contributing a great deal to the program.  However, the most exciting parts of All Together Now! come from the endeavors of the students of Take Five, Center Stage and Act One & Curtain Call.  These young people showed their dedication to their craft with energy, talent and a great deal of love for their craft as well as towards humanity.  There are always proud parents in the audience, and these parents have much to be proud of. 

Company members all delivered outstanding performances, Emily Cleek, Elizabeth Delgado-Savage, Jordan M. Andrews, Charlie Ludden and Zachary Wright make excellent contributions along with Justin Larman.  Ellie Valdez, Karsten Tate, Kristin Stang, Carrie Helm and Andrea Bartlow round out the company talent. 

Zachary Wright is flanked by two students, Reece McAbee and Hudson Ratcliff with excellent voices in All Together Now! Photo courtesy of Bryan Cardinale-Powell

Amelia Castor, Danielle Shipley and Kaylene Callarman provide intelligent choreography for the young dancers while Angela Polk directs the production.  Laura Himes is the Musical Director and these five put together an excellent presentation for the students, simple and straightforward, yet bursting with talent and energy.  This, of course is not possible without the efforts of the stage manager, Lizzie Pruitt.

It is due to the excellent efforts of Musical Theatre International that makes a production such as All Together Now! possible.  On a local level it is due to the efforts also of Devon Energy and Special Care.  The stage is the Vince Gill Performing Arts Stage and is a magical theatrical space with comfortable seating, good acoustics and intelligent design.  With the sponsorships, contributions and support of community members Kismet will continue to grow providing wonderful opportunities for theatre in central Oklahoma, superb examples of Oklahoma talent and an avenue of expression.

The show runs tonight (November 13, 2021 and again tomorrow for the Sunday 2:00 pm matinee.  The location is 12201 N. Western Avenue in Oklahoma City.  Also, look forward to upcoming productions: Frozen JR, opening December 3 and playing through the weekend and Urinetown, December 17-19, 2021.  For additional information and tickets visit