Publisher: Elizabeth Hurd

3rd Act Theatre Unravels the Origin of Medusa’s Mysterious Mythology in Bella Poynton’s “Medusa Undone”

……………………………………………………………………………………….by Scott Myers

Photo courtesy J. Christine Lanning, 3rd Act Theatre

I was excited to get out of lockdown for an evening of live local theatre and chose Medusa Undone. This is basically the backstory of how the mythical creature got her famous head full of snakes and the power to turn gawkers into stone. This difficult production was ably presented by the 3rd Act Theatre Company located in a renovated storefront at the  North Park Mall,in OKC.  This is the final production in their Noire series of shows that are definitely not of the usual community theater faire.That being said, the bulk of the weight falls upon the strong shoulders of Tiffany Tuggle who introduces us to Medusa before the addition of the snake headwear. Creating an important story arc (and the only male in the cast of powerful females including their stage manager Liz Holmes) is Keegan Zimmerman as a flamboyant Poseidon.
    Supporting Ms Tuggle is Kat Adams as Athena Nike, Allyson Rose as Stheno and Christine Jolly as Echo. Director Mr Kriss Kuss has assembled the right chemistry to tell this important story. The pandemic has done many things to our lives, economy, etc.  Some of the things that it has done was it created an Covid Compliance Supervisor and for this show an Intimacy Choreographer,  Amanda Rose Villarreal, to help the cast members with a difficult set of blocking instructions. The offstage assault of Medusa didn’t live up to its’ hype. More use of shadows for onstage action might be one way to support her vocals during the  assault and allow the audience to further use our imaginations.
   This evening of experienced energetic and needy thespians deserves a large audience whether it’s their live shows or their streaming performance. This young companies vision of Medusa Undone has definitely…done the story right!

   3rd Act requires masks and face shields for the performance.  The concessions are closed and social distancing is done between groups in the audience. For further information and tickets visit or call 405-593-8093.  “Medusa Undone” runs from April 9 through April 25, 2021.  3rd Act Theatre is located in The Shoppes at NorthPark Mall. Enter on the west face in the central section to the mall at 12040 N. May Avenue.